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About us

The need to adapt IT systems used by our clients to the dynamic changes of business reality and most of all introduction of innovative technologies has been an impulse that lead to inception of CLARITE Polska S.A. in 2011. The Company quickly gained authorization of leading vendors and on-boarded highly skilled engineers capable of reacting to the changes in the market. Through consecutive years thanks to staff of competent, experienced and fully engaged specialists in IT, Clarite attained strong reputation within Polish System Integration and ECM, BPM class solution market. In 2019 Advanced Analytics Department has been opened in Warsaw and currently CLARITE POLSKA SA employs over 40 people in two locations: Headquarters in Warszawa (Systems Integration, Security, Application Development); Office in Gliwice (ECM, BPM, Workflow). In coming years Company plans to open offices in big cities through Poland and international expansion. Each year Company invests in aquiring new competencies to widen portfolio of solutions. Among key success factors for Clarite are: unique methodology, expertize and deep understanding of IT integration. Experience gained over years allows Clarite's engineers to pick correct technologies for each projects, aligned with their target architecture and standards adopted by client.

CLARITE Polska S.A. adopted strategy of focus and specialization. By narrowing the solutions portfolio it quickly became one of top partners of select IBM brands in Poland, successfully delivering complex services for clients in energy, gas and industrial sectors. Due to character of selected solutions, offering is directed to large and medium size enterprises also in telecom, finance and public sectors. Key differentiator for CLARITE Polska S.A. among IT companies in Poland is treating employees as key elements of our business which is part of company's mission. Since inception the Board puts considerable weight on perpetual skill development of employees, creating conditions the foster both individual ambitions and real career development of out staff.

Why Clarite

Currently our employees hold over 100 certifications and accreditations of leading IT vendors in the world. Key consultants of CLARITE Polska S.A. have many years of experience taking part in complex IT projects requiring translating LOB requirements to offered technology - standards and IT department policies. Successful matching the two requires deep research and practice in understanding business. Since company's inception the Board puts considerable weight on perpetual skill development and education. We require employees to split their time in order to commit at least 20-30% to education and personal development. This is also reflected in the way we evaluate employee performance. We use 4-step recruitment process based on Behavioral Based Structured Interviews and Job Match Discussion to ensure we make right personell choices, and can gain full client confidence by executing hard and complex projects on time. Clarite actively participate in conferences, industrial meetings, webinars and each week gain a new certificate or accreditation.

Our strategy is based on focus and specialization. Digitalization, process automation, managing full lifecycle of documents, workflow systems, robotic automation, artificial intelligence, realtime access to data are key functions of systems we implement in our projects. The solutions are targeted directly to address needs of management and LOB - HR, finance and IT departments. We focus especially on: 1/ Widely understood IT systems integration. 2/ ECM/BPM class solutions. 3/ Advanced Analytics. Systems Integration - starting from easiest "peer to peer" connections, through ESB (Enterprise Services Bus) to complex integration architecture, based on industry reference architecture. We're specialized in IBM and RedHat solutions. ECM/BPM class systems - we offer software proven by many clients IBM Filenet, Datacap and BPM. Currently sold under new name Digital Business Automation (DBA), Business Automation Workflow (BAW). Advanced analytics - we offer business-proven solutions by IBM, UiPath, Microsoft, Stonebranch, SAS, Automation Anywhere, Tibco Software.

One of differentiators is ability to adapt to standards and preferences of our client. We manage IT projects using SCRUM, but also use PRINCE 2, ITIL. Approach to projects used in our company bases on our experience, Best Practices coupled with innovative approach to testing reduces risk of failure or delay in the project. Additionally, many years of applying Client Value Method in our approach to clients have taught Clarite employees to listen and pursue many ways to address identified issues to precisely define real needs of a client. Introductory Workshops, Business Value Assesment (BVA), Proof of Technology(PoT) techniques, PoC (Proof of Concept), Try&Buy reduce risk of making wrong decisions. Close cooperation with client not only ensures best solution in the market is chosen accounting for total cost, but also forges stron bonds and long-term relations.

We assist our clients in selection of advanced, proven technologies that warrant 5 year road-maps of development. Reliability, scabalility, security and cost optimization are key attributes when selecting platform. Understanding financial constraints we offer both commercial and OpenSource products. We are specialized in solutions created by IBM and RedHat. Advanced commercial technologies allow for cutting time to market and ensure higher quality of final product. Out solutions are offered in traditional on-premise approach or innovative Cloud offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, ASP). We currently offer IT Transformation framework to move from traditional license based approach to service subscrip|LS|tion based approach for products required for systems maintenance. Application Modernization & Migration (AMM) program is 3 year framework, a part of general trend of Digital Transformation Process adapting companies to challenges of XXI century markets.

Company Management

Rafał Bałachowicz
President of the Board

Graduated from Staszic high school in Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics and University of Warsaw. Graduated first edition of post-diploma studies „Efficient IT Company Management” on Warsaw School of Economics. He started professional career almost 20 years ago in Telekomunikacja Polska Group (curently Orange) co-authoring products and services based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) managing Projects and Deployments Team. Since 2006 in IBM SWG (Software Department) responsible for building sales channel for ECM class solutions, then as Key Account Manager in Communications/Utilities sectors responsible for sales of whole IBM portfolio. Working at Trusted Information Consulting took part in broadly understood IT and telecommunications security audits. Since September 2011 started as CEO at Clarite Polska S.A.. Loves asian culture. In leisure time travels to far east, though he sails rarely, he still has sea in his blood.
Jarosław Szwankowski
President of Supervisory Board

Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics, started management career in the 90s as finance director in a number of companies in media and FMCG industries. Since over 20 years works in insurance inustry. He took on management roles in insurance company, broker and two specialized insurance product distributors for European markets. Actively engaged in development of new technologies, for several years served as President of Japanese technology company working with security products for Central Europe. Currently CEO of R&D company in dental diagnostics. In his career to date he also acted as consultant in a consultancy, advisor to the board in one of leading banks, investment advisor in an investment fund; he delivered many development and sales projects in insurance & trading companies, completed a number of restructuring and cost optimization projects. In leisure time keen traveller, wine & cuisine connoisseur (also as amateur chef), likes cycling, swimming and diving, in the winter alpine skiing.

Corporate Governance

Since company's inception The Board of CLARITE Polska S.A. put strong emphasis on compliance with highest ethical and legal standards of business conduct. Corporate Governance of CLARITE Polska S.A. are following documents:

Generally applicable acts:

Special internal regulations:

  • Company Statute
  • Clarite Supervisory Board Regulations restricted - on demand
  • Clarite Work Regulations restricted - on demand
  • Clarite fundamental business ethics regulations restricted - on demand

As company conducts business in a broader environment and plans public offering on Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2025 our Corporate Governance is already run in compliance with additional regulations in relation to other entities:

  • Best Practices for Members of Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • IBM Integrity - contact IBM
  • Information Security Policy restricted - on demand
  • Personal Data Protection Act

GDPR Personal Data Protection

With introduction into law of the GDPR Act by European Parliament and Council 2016/679 from April 27th, 2016 regulating protection of physical persons in regards of processing of their personal data and flow of such data, current law regulates specifically how such data should be secured when processed in a company. Each CLARITE Polska S.A. employee have been trained in this area. We cooperate with Abistar from Wrocław on this matter. Personal Data Operator is CLARITE Polska S.A., personal data administrator is Konrad Hryciuk. E-mail:

Registry data

CLARITE Polska S.A., ul.Poznańska 16/4, 00-680 Warszawa
CLARITE Polska S.A., Al.Niepodległości 18 piętro IX, 02-635 Warszawa
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1 000 000
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12.09.2011 r.
Kancelaria Podatkowa Skłodowscy, ul.Kościuszki 43, 05-270 Marki
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