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The Operator of this Service is CLARITE POLSKA joint-stock company, 00-680 Warsaw, Poland, 16 Poznańska Str., apt. 4. The Service uses "cookies" technology, i.e. small files, located at computer's hard disc in process of entering internet pages. They include information concerning computer and usually do not include any personal data. Cookies files do not infect computers by viruses or other malware.
Each single cookie consists of 4 basic parts:

1.  WWW page name: domain or subdomain name
2.  Individual (unique) Cookie name for the page which established the Cookie
3.  Period of validity: validity of some cookies expires after browser closure (one session cookies), other cookies are automatically removed after reaching established the date of validity (persistent cookies)
4.  Value: i.e. information in cookie file, which is used by www page to "remember" pervious visit on this page.

In cookie files basic information concerning users is stored (e.g. ID) as well as some information used to optimize and properly show contents of pages. The above information are used for:

  • Recognize users log on protected internet pages, what enables them to enter different pages without writing down password and user name for every page separately;
  • Registering user’s preferences - browse contest of pages and its format (it is not necessary to set user’s preferences during every visit given page);
  • Registration of pages visited by users, what allows to gather useful data to introduce improvements in contest and navigation on pages. For this purpose we use Google Analytics to gather information of persons visiting our page to introduce improvements according to visitors’ needs and preferences.

The Google Analytics is third part gathering information on www pages visited, time spent on given page, ways used to enter such page and sequence of choices during visiting a page. Cookies files do not gather any personal data, e.i. name and address and do not reveal this information. To find out more on Google privacy policy please enter page:

In every time users of our service have right to cease supplying our service with the above information by deleting cookie files saved on their equipment by our service. To do this is necessary to change browser settings currently used.

It is also possible to configure browser to block cookies installation for chosen pages defined by user, including all internet pages. Such settings will result in loss of above functionalities, because they need to install cookie files to operate.

According to the Telecommunications Law: configuration of browser allowing installation of cookies is treated as consent for using cookies on given computer or other similar device..