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IBM software was a pillar to build the competitive advantage of Clarite Polska S.A. on the Polish market. From the very beginning, we worked with Enterprise class solutions such as IBM Integration Bus, Filenet IBM BPM, Datacap, IBM Data Power. Today we are among the best integrators and suppliers of ECM class solutions based on IBM products. We have over eighty IBM's certificates and each year we invest in acquiring next new competences in IBM software area.

For many is a synonym of Linux operating system. After 26 years of dynamic development, RedHat has built an ecosystem of solutions such as JBoss, 3Scale, OpenStack, Ansible, for which RedHat Enterprise Linux is a reliable foundation. Clarite Polska S.A. when starting preparations for a hybrid cloud, it uses OpenShift to create modern application architecture, treating development as an agile process of adapting the solution to customer expectations.