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Integration Department

Systems integration is one of the major challenges for modern enterprises. Advanced domain systems (ERP, CRM, WMS and others) provide high efficiency but create distinct challenges for data transfer and reporting consistency. At the same time technology and digital transformation change every business into software business, pushing companies to seek architecture which bring company much better flexibility, scalability and reusing implemented already solution components.

Within Integration Department we identified five key areas applying to modern approach to integration:

How to design and implement layers of information flow and processes inside the company's systems in a safe way, connecting domain systems into an organized ecosystem supporting the company's business.

How to design a scalable, reliable architecture for data exchange between enterprises and / or separate business units in an enterprise with the highest security standards.

Automation and improving efficiency of business processes. Implementation of processes and integration of IT systems using modern tools and new approach to architecture.

Supports transformation in search for optimum solutions to ensure competitive advantage without building new systems from scratch or conducting complex and long migrations.

Dedicated software on order. Modern, innovative approach to development of cloud-native software for use in private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure. The tools, which are significantly cutting time to market for new development.

Your organization is facing integration challenges? Has digital transformation become key to survive in Your industry’s landscape? Our experts can help!

We will identify key areas that need to be modernized, integrated, migrated

We will demonstrate which solutions available today can lay foundations for future solutions

We will prepare feasibility studies, architecture and implementation plan

We will discover and/or create missing integrations, modules, services and APIs

We will modernize existing applications to run in containers or build them a new

The most commonly used technologies in integration:

  1. IBM Websphere MQ, MQ Advanced
  2. IBM Websphere Application Server (WAS), WAS ND
  3. IBM Integration Bus (IIB)
  4. IBM Data Power Gateway (Appliance, Virtual Edition)
  5. IBM Business Proces Manager (IBM BPM)
  6. IBM App Connect, IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE)
  7. IBM APi Connect
  8. IBM Business Automation Workflow (IBM BAW)
  9. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (ICP4I)
  10. IBM Cloud Pak for Application (ICP4App)
  11. IBM Cloud Pak for Automation (ICP4A)
  12. IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management (ICP4MCM)
  1. RedHat AMQ
  2. RedHat Fuse
  3. RedHat JBoss Web Server
  4. RedHat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
  5. RedHat Proces Automation Manager
  6. RedHat Decision Manager
  7. RedHat 3Scale Api Management
  8. RedHat OpenShift
  9. RedHat OpenStack
  10. RedHat Satellite
  11. RedHat Ansible Automation Platform
  12. RedHat Smart Management


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