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Analytics Department

Analytics in our undestanding is an advanced services consisting in using the potential contained in the available data in combination with in-depth knowledge of the processes taking place in the enterprise. We organized the analytics department around four main areas:

Advanced data analytics supported by artificial intelligence (AI) allows you to implement your company's business strategy more effectively. Actually, if you wish, you can use the full potential contained in the data collected in the company and in external systems. Modern technologies process information from thousands of recording devices every day. Advanced analytics systems supported by a transparent user interface support decision-making processes, business forecasts, support investment decisions, giving tangible financial benefits to enterprises operating in all sectors of the economy. Analytical platforms can be implemented in on-premises environments, desktop computers or public clouds, private clouds, hybrid cloud environments.


Robotic Process Automation is a technology that supports repetitive business processes defined by rules. Specialized software (called a robot) simulates human work, thanks to which employees can use their creativity in more demanding tasks. Robots allow for much faster processing of processes, reduce the number of errors and significantly reduce the risk of their occurrence. Modern robots enable significant time savings of employees and full integration with most systems. The latest chatbots are applications using artificial intelligence algorithms, dedicated to conducting advanced conversations with the client, designed to convincingly simulate human behavior. They are indispensable in situations of absolute necessity of fast and mass transfer of information.


The huge amount of collected information requires both efficient solutions in the areas of the applications themselves and databases responsible for their storage and processing. More often, it is necessary to use advanced tools to catalog information about the data held. Information on the methods of their collection, processing purposes, location in distributed systems and security. In addition, data quality management is increasingly required also by applicable regulations and legal directives. Legal acts impose obligations on enterprises in terms of securing data against unauthorized access, reporting related violations and estimating the risk of irregularities. Many years of experience of consultants guarantees the correct implementation of this class of solutions.


Workload Automation is an approach based on moving away from batch processing, mostly performed at night, to event-based processing. WLA is a complete solution supporting batch and real-time IT processes, a modern approach to load management of key business applications. Thanks to the combination of planned scheduling, based on events, in conjunction with the launch of load monitoring processes of the available IT infrastructure, they significantly increase the efficiency of the infrastructure and the availability of critical enterprise systems. They enable process optimization, provide one control point for all developers, IT administrators and IT system operators, and at the same time provide them with the expected level of data processing management.


Before you start with a project use our consultants' expertise!

We inspire and advise which data should be processed and in what order

We conduct feasibility study, calculate effort required and draft schedule

We advise where Data Science and Artificial Intelligence provide significant benefits and where not

We will suggest solutions based on existing infrastructure and planned development goals