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Beyond we transfer written documents, printed or recorded in magnetic or other media into digital form, we also implement documents to workflows to manage their whole lifecycles from creation to archiving. We build single central repository, we implement BPM Workflow, integration with other systems and digital signature. Our offering of ECM/SAP Department allows enterprises for great scalability and meeting highest security standards available.

Digital transformation

We employ digital technology to deal with typical, mundane problems of today. Each day we welcomes a new service or product. DX hand in hand with AI enables to innovate, to implement creative solutions not only in digitalization, but in shaping new ways of acting, building new organization structures of companies or institutions. It's a quest for survival to be the best, where the goals are faster access to information, increasing the efficiency of processes, the company's image.

IT modernization AM&M

This is a question about the software of the future. The Agile Modernization & Migration (AMM) program is the transformation of IT from a traditional model into a modern services model. It is a 180° turn, this is the striving for continuous development. Big Data, Hybrid Cloud require a modern way of writing applications and implementing systems. It is a way to survive in the long term and secure your proper position in the business of the future.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is a computing environment that uses multiple instances. This approach is distinguished by the ability to manage services in private, local, and public clouds. Dedicated software coordinates (orchestration) and monitors resources usage between multiple platforms. It enables an automatic movement of workloads between Private and Public clouds depending on changing needs. In fact, it provides much greater flexibility, data availability, wider possibilities of choosing the optimal implementation option.

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ECM/SAP Department Integration Department


Our product strategy is based on selecting scalable and secure solutions from top IT vendors in the world and in-house software development. Before presenting a solution to the customer we thoroughly analyze and evaluate quality of offered products, availability of engineers (genuine support) and development roadmaps within at least five years perspective. Our recommendation takes into consideration not only security but also stability and total operating cost (TCO) in long term usage. It allows us offer to customer a good balance between quality and cost, improving company efficiency stature.

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Our core strengths

Knowledge and experience

Our consultants have experience in complex projects requiring the contractor to be able to match technology to LOB expectations, customer standards and IT department preferences.

Specialization and focus

We decided on strategy of concentration and specialization. We are focus mainly on: 1/ IT systems integration understood broadly. 2/ ECM/BPM class solutions.

Unique methodology

One of the most important distinguishing features of us during the implementation of projects is high flexibility, the ability to quick adaptation to customer standards and preferences.


We are focused on broadly understood IT Systems integration, Enterprise Content Management / Business Automation Workflow and Advanced Analytics solutions. Our offering are aimed at management and LOB staff - HR, finance, sales and marketing and IT departments. We stand out among IT companies by offering great flexibility, ability to adapt to standards and preferences of the client. We use Methodology Agile to deliver our projects. Our employees have been trained to listening, analyze and to ask right questions for better understanding the real needs of clients. We support our clients in selecting the best in the class solutions, to reduce implementation costs to become trusted advisor for them and foster lasting relationships.

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