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Modern data security management solutions provide not only data access management, but also automated detection and classification of sensitive data that require special protection with reagard to applicable data protection policies and external regulations.

Realtime monitoring of data related activities allow to eliminate threats resulting from user actions both internal and external. When usage anomalies are detected the solutions dynamically block access based on user IDs and quarantines them, to secure company from internal and external threats.

The solution we use to satisfy those needs is among others IBM Security Guardium Data Protection founded on scalable architecture providing visibility of activities in real time in largest databases. Over 50% of security threats result from having many independent suppliers and different products, so it is important that one tool supports most of the databases.

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When discussing data security we need to pay attention to provide data protection when building and testing new systems (Security by design). Using advanced techniques for data anonymization can cut down risks associated with sensitive data leaks resulting from sharing them with development or test environments. The best approach is to automate creation of non-production environments with enabled anonymization of selected data. When building data protection programmes based on new regulations, implementing new technologies and adding new deployment models it's reasonable to put emphasis on ease of use and solution scalability.

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Detecting, cataloging and securing personal data

Detecting, cataloging and securing sensitive data