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Contemporary robots are already capable to replace humans in completing repeatable tasks within IT systems. Using our experience in supporting business processes on various levels of complexity, we are ready to employ top technologies in service of Your organization.

We inspire and advise

Robots are best suited for the implementation of repetitive processes based on defined rules

Robots replace humans in handling tedious tasks built on repeatitive steps

We will identify processes, prepare estimation, develop and implement process automation

Robotics example

Sales activity support
  • Automation of seeking and keeping contacts in social media,
  • Support of offering process,
  • Building sales reports.
HR process support
  • Recruitment (automation of job postings, managing meeting schedule, candidate pre-selection),
  • Onboarding HR process,
  • Management of sick leaves,
  • Settlement of the delegation.
Automation of financial tasks
  • Documents accounting,
  • Generating reports,
  • Robotization of accounting and financing tasks.

Out of the box robots on offer:

HR support bots

custom bots

sales support bots